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Tune your revenue machine

Generate more sales-ready leads, close sales faster,
reduce your cost per lead and per sale

Achieve sustainable revenue growth

As companies grow beyond their startup years, they can't continue the same weekly and quarterly scramble for every new sale.

The diving saves and hat tricks are too hard on their most valuable people.

When you accelerate to fast, sustained growth, you can't keep counting on the superhuman performances that got you this far. You can't find enough new people like them to sustain the momentum.

If you burn out your core team, you'll have nowhere else to turn for help

Think process, systems, and assets—not superheroes

Now's the time to build an organization and a revenue engine with flywheel powerful enough to keep your sales growing, even if you lose a few key people.

Build the energy and momentum of your company into a marketing machine that sees you through the occasional sputter.  

Stop going for sales at any cost. Start thinking about efficiency and scalability.

Build marketing assets to see you through your next stage of growth, even if people sometimes let you down.

Create a website and other marketing content to generate low-cost leads for years to come. With good online content, search engines will keep leads coming even if you have to cut back on advertising. 

Automate and measure performance

Set up a marketing-automation system that takes some of the load off your busy people. Let it manage your lead nurturing automatically. It'll do be more consistent than your most reliable people.

Put the right metrics in place so you can benchmark and improve your marketing performance quarter by quarter and year over year. 

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"Redwell became our outsourced marketing department, with Dave Vranicar acting as a kind of hands-on marketing executiveAs we built internal staff, Redwell helped us define our web strategy and tune our new corporate message. Redwell wrote the copy for our website and helped us through a big overhaul. Dave also wrote and distributed press releases, white papers, and case studies. He's written ads for us. He’s been our go-to wordsmith for key projects. 

—Stephanie Richelieu Stagger,
Chief Commercial Officer, Trax Technologies