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Get your strategy right

Align your marketing tactics with your purpose and goals

Strategy_Icon_2What is strategy?

Michael Porter, who wrote the book on competitive strategy, cites three elements of an effective strategy: 

  • It creates a unique and valuable position for your business.
  • It establishes the tradeoffs you'll make as you compete. (You have to choose what not to do.)
  • It creates a fit among your company's activities.  

Strategy_Icon_3Whose job is strategy? 

Your senior executives are responsible for the high-level strategy of your company. It's their job to answer the big questions:

  • What business are you in?
  • What markets do you serve?
  • What value do you offer your customers? 

Some companies pay millions to consulting firms like McKinsey & Co. to help sort out or rejuvenate their strategy. That's not the kind of help Redwell provides. We help with lower-level marketing strategy.   

Strategy_Icon_4How Redwell can help  

Specifically, Redwell helps with four areas of marketing strategy. In these areas, Redwell can offer solid value at reasonable cost:

  • Value statements. Make your value statements clear to your target customers. Be sure they're consistent with what your customers value.
  • Differentiation. Make sure your marketing messages emphasize how your company, products and services are different in ways that matter to your customers.
  • Messaging and content. Bridge the gap between between the results you want and the way your customers want to buy from you.
  • Website and digital marketing. Define a solid strategy for your website and your online marketing before you work with designs, writers or developers.  


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