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Enjoy a relationship you won't have with an agency

Invest in marketing that helps you close complex sales

You won't hear us say that B2B and B2C are similar

Lately it's fashionable to say B2B marketing is getting more like B2C.

While it's partly true, it's also misleading.

If your sales involve two or more decision makers, your marketing has to be different. 

In complex, high-stakes B2B sales, it's the differences that matter to your business. Your marketing team must understand this.

The differences aren't always obvious. But they are numerous and important. 

Unless your marketers have closed complex sales, they have few good ways to learn about them. 

At Redwell, we focus on the differences. And we'll teach them to your team.

We've been closing complex, high-stake sales for decades. Multi-million dollar deals that took months to close. With more than a dozen influencers. Across many business functions. In multi-billion dollar companies.

From that experience, we know how marketing can help find opportunities.

How to nurture leads without bugging people.

How buyers make complex decisions.

How to help buyers through a formal process.

So let's all stop doing B2B marketing that gets it wrong.  

How Redwell complements agencies 

You may find Redwell attractive if... 

  • You want something your agency can't or won't provide.

  • Your agency can't provide what you want fast enough.

  • You aren't ready to work with an agency.

  • You don't want to pay agency rates.

  • You don't like agencies. 

Definitely not an agency

If you're looking for a relationship with an agency, you'd be barking up the wrong tree here. Our only experience with agencies is on the client side. 

Come to Redwell if agencies have left you wanting something else.

You can expect these differences:

  • Everyday access to the most senior talent. Never an apprentice or journeyman.  
  • Full transparency. No smoke and mirrors. Never a billing surprise.
  • Advice that's good for you—even, at times, when it's not so great for us.
  • Ideas that produce the results you want. No worship at the altar of creativity. 
  • Flexibility to work the way you prefer, by project or on retainer. Fixed-price projects.

Many agencies have a threshold for minimum spending.

Smaller budgets are welcome here.

Not so eager to take your money

We look for a good fit. Sometimes that means walking away from a poor one. 

If we see that Redwell isn't a solid fit for what we both want, we'll tell you.  

Specialized in B2B complex sales

Why waste time explaining to another service provider how the complex sale is different? 

When you find a marketer who already understand the complex sales cycle, your industry and your target audiences, you're miles ahead. 

Industry strengths

Here are Redwell's industry strengths, in declining order:

  • software
  • supply chain
  • retailing
  • transportation and logistics
  • energy management
  • wholesale distribution
  • manufacturing 
  • agriculture

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"One of our board members said a piece Dave wrote was the best Verisae marketing material he’d seen. We’ve rebranded all the marketing documents he wrote, and they still generate leads.”

--Jerry Dolinsky, CEO, Verisae, Inc.