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Publish and distribute helpful, useful content so buyers find you and trust you.


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Content_Marketing_IconWhat content marketing is

Content marketing is a methodology for creating marketing materials that inform, educate, entertain, or otherwise engage potential customers. It often uses stories and drama to capture and maintain interest. Audiences like it because it doesn’t feel like marketing.

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Content_Marketing_IconWhy do content marketing

Content is the fastest-growing area of marketing investment for B2B companies. It is taking off while other forms of marketing are declining. The trend toward content marketing has gathered strength as other marketing methods have become less effective.

Content marketing is attractive because it costs 62% less to generate a lead with content marketing than with outbound (or conventional) marketing.

Most of us, it seems, have found ways to avoid unwelcome sales and marketing messages. Administrative assistants protect the time and attention of senior executives. For the rest of us, voice mail, spam filters, "delete" keys, digital video recorders, and trash cans are pretty effective.

Content marketing has a better chance of getting past such barriers. People often welcome it because it's interesting and helpful. Done right, it appeals even to people who aren't shopping for a product or service. It can influence them to prefer a brand when they’re ready to buy.

Content marketing doesn't talk much about products, services, or companies. It focuses instead on what readers, listeners, or viewers want now. It feels like journalism, feature writing, or entertainment.

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Content_Marketing_IconHow good content improves inbound and outbound marketing

Most marketers see content marketing as a subset of inbound marketing. The two methods have so much in common that it’s not worth splitting hairs over the differences. You need to know just two important things: The two methods work together, and they both produce results.

Inbound marketing seeks to attract people like a magnet. It doesn't interrupt, and it doesn't chase people.

Without good content, you can’t have effective inbound marketing.

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Although content marketing works hand in glove with inbound marketing, it can also support outbound marketing channels--including direct mail, telemarketing, advertising, and more.

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Content_Marketing_IconHow content marketing is different from copywriting

Copywriting is more openly persuasive than content marketing. It motivates people to take specific actions that bring them closer to buying. Content marketing is subtler than copywriting.

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Strategy_Icon_4How Redwell can help

Redwell’s goal for content marketing is to help you get the most value for the least expense and effort. You may not need to produce a lot of new content, but all the content you produce needs to be very good. If not, it reflects badly on your brand. And unremarkable content doesn't get shared in social media.

We provide seven services related to content marketing:

  • Assessment of current content assets and programs
  • Development of content strategy
  • Creation of content calendars
  • Content research & creation
  • Content design & production
  • Content distribution & promotion
  • Coaching and training.

Redwell works with diverse forms of content, including these: 

  • Web pages, including landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • White papers or special reports
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Social media—especially LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and SlideShare
  • Email messages, including autoresponder sequences
  • Scripts for online video and audio.

In addition to writing, we also provide design and production services. Or we can work with designers of your choice. 

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"[Dave is] a consummate professional in everything he does. He doesn't finish a job until it is done to the highest standard and meets all stakeholders' expectations.

"From Dave's experience in both sales and marketing, he brings a practical perspective to content, and he thinks through the use case of the material at a tangible and executable level."

—Kate Gorman,
Chief Marketing Officer and Partner
Columbus Consulting International