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See what's working and what isn't. Discover new opportunities for revenue growth.

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Exclamation_pointWhat you don't know may slow your revenue growth

Take a quick check:

  • Are you sure you know why your company lost the last few deals that went to a competitor?
  • Do you know what visitors think when they come to your website?
  • Do you know how customers shop for products or services like yours? 
Unless you've done the research, your honest answer is probably "no."
Few small and mid-sized B2B companies systematically collect insights into their buyers. Even fewer organize such insights and share them across their business.
  • Do you know how your customers feel about their experience of buying from you?

Question_MarkTough questions

How readily can you answer the tough questions about your business? Here are just a few:

  • What brings buyers to your company?
  • Why don't more companies buy from you?
  • Do your company and your offerings appear different enough in ways that matter to buyers?
  • What would make your offerings more valuable to your customers
  • How do your customers and prospects feel about your value statements? Are they clear enough?
  • What are your buyers looking for as they shop?
  • What else would visitors like to see on your website?

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Assessments__Research_Icon_2What's wrong with focus groups and surveys

Survey research and focus groups take a big effort to design and organize. They can waste a lot of time and money without providing much insight you can put to work.

Steve Jobs hated focus groups and never used them.

Many marketers have found that focus groups tend to be dominated by the opinions of a few alpha dogs. What people say in a focus group isn't necessarily what they really think or do.

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Assessments__Research_Icon_3The power of interviews

One-on-one telephone interviews are different. Done well, they can produce tons of valuable insight.

The insights are qualitative rather than quantitative. With eight to 12 good interviews, you can be confident you've captured a full range of perspectives. 

Phone interviews very flexible and cost effective. You can get them done within a few weeks. 

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Assessment_Icon_1How Redwell can help

Redwell provides multiple kinds of interviews, online research and assessments. 


Redwell offers two alternatives for interviews:

  • You can do the interviews for yourself, with Redwell teaching you how.
  • You can have Redwell do everything for you.

It's often better to have someone else do interviews for you. Respondents are likely to give a third party more honest answers than they'll give you. Promises of complete anonymity tend to get the most valuable insights. 

Redwell can interview these groups:

  • Target audiences for your marketing messages 
  • Your current customers (especially those who recently bought from you)
  • Buyers involved in deals you've lost
  • Visitors to your website
  • Your employees.

We use an established methodology, and we write up the results in a form that's both readable and useful. 

Online research 

Redwell can perform these kinds of research on the Web: 

  • Your competitors, the messaging they use, and the effectiveness of their online marketing
  • The keyword phrases your buyers use in shopping for products or services like yours
  • Your company's ranking for the keyword phrases most important for your business.  
  • Keyword phrases the are worth the effort of getting higher search rankings.  


Redwell can perform these kinds of assessments:

  • The effectiveness of your website
  • The strength of your content assets
  • The effectiveness of your Sales and Marketing operations. 

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