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Hire skills, insight & experience in B2B complex sales—
without adding staff

 Uncommon strengths in both selling and marketing for the complex B2B sale




Hire Redwell for things you don't have in house:

  • An outside perspective

  • Capacity

  • Specific skills and experience

What I've done

Before starting Redwell in 2011, I worked for more than 25 years in business-to-business software and tech companies.

Two companies were in the Fortune 50—3M and SAP. I've also worked for bare-bones startups, sitting side by side with software developers.

I like working with companies that move fast. 


I've held these positions:

  • VP of sales and marketing
  • VP of sales
  • Sales rep, account executive
  • Marketing manager
  • Public relations

Selling experience and achievements

In one remarkable five-year period, I sold more than $100 million in software licenses and professional services.

More accurately, I got credit and collected commissions.

I couldn't have closed a single sale without the help of first-rate consultants, service teams, sales managers and others who deserved more recognition than they got.

Most of my sales were to very big companies. They involved complex buying processes and long sales cycles.

For more on my work experience and education, please see my profile on LinkedIn

Subject-matter knowledge and experience

I've worked in or with these industries: 

  • manufacturing (including diversified hardgoods manufacturers and Japanese auto manufacturers)
  • wholesale distribution
  • retailing (including grocery, big-box specialty retail, drug chains, department stores, mass merchants, and fashion/apparel chains)
  • transportation and logistics
  • agriculture

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"The white paper [we co-wrote] has become my calling card and has played a role in opening three new accounts.

"It’s helped generate nearly $2.0 million of revenue, with an additional $2.0 million of potential....

"I'm looking forward to future projects with Dave."

Richard Pedott, Partner, Columbus Consulting International