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Omni-channel Retailing in 6 Steps:

How to build a practical, effective plan of action

This 15-page document brings the popular topic of omni-channel retailing down to a practical level. It describes how retailers can follow a six-step process of planning and analysis to achieve real omni-channel operations. 

The client suggested the topic. Redwell conducted research, worked with the client's subject-matter experts, and co-wrote the piece. Redwell also selected a designer and saw the document through final production.

Then Redwell suggested strategies for distribution, reuse, and repurposing. 

  • Provides forms and questions teams can use to analyze their current situation and to plan their way forward.
  • Suggests ways for retailers to restructure their organization and rethink employee compensation to ensure successful transition.  

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"[This] white paper has become my calling card and has played a role in opening three new accounts.

"It’s helped generate nearly $2.0 million of revenue, with an additional $2.0 million of potential."

—Rich Pedott
Partner, Columbus Consulting International

"From Dave's experience in both sales and marketing, he brings a practical perspective to content, and he thinks through the use case of the material at a tangible and executable level."

—Kate Gorman
Chief Marketing Officer, Columbus Consulting International