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Double Your Advertising Budget Without Spending More Money:

How superior HR organizations are quietly gaining the upper hand and how you can identify, then reverse underperformance in your own organization

The client, Jobs2Web, suggested the topic for this 15-page document. They wanted to raise awareness of a new service for recruiting job candidates. 

Redwell interviewed the client's subject-matter experts and wrote the content. The client edited the piece and managed it through final production. 

The piece has been reformatted twice, through two subsequent adquisitions. Years later, it's still in use and is generating leads on the website of SuccessFactors, an SAP company. 


In classic form for a problem/solution white paper, this document...
  • Explains the challenges HR recruiters face in big companies.
  • Explains why commonly used solutions don't work very well.
  • Explains the opportunities to achieve more than recruiters currently do through commonly used solutions.
  • Describes the solution and offers recommendations.



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"The paper was downloaded 764 times in the first five months. Four years and two acquisitions later, it’s been rebranded twice and still generates leads on our website.”

—Peter Baskin
Product Lead for Cloud Recruiting Group at SuccessFactors,
an SAP company