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A New Perspective for U.S. Grocery Retail

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets: Lessons in Energy and Maintenance Management from One of the Best in the Grocery Business

Redwell interviewed a Verisae subject-matter expert and wrote the copy for this 16-page case study. The client did the editing, design, and production work.

Who would read a 16-page case study? Exactly the right kind of prospect.  

At a first meeting with a multi-billion-dollar grocery chain, a Verisae sales rep met the company's energy director. The prospect had this document in front of him, its text heavily highlighted in yellow. The document helped open the door to a sale worth millions of dollars to Verisae. 

Read how Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets achieved some of the best energy-management performance in the North American grocery business, using Verisae's solutions. 

  • The story opens with a hero (Verisae's customer) who faces a big challenge.
  • It describes the magnitude of the challenge the customer faced.
  • It describes in detail how Verisae's customer achieved his goals and overcame his challenges with Verisae's help.
  • It shows how Verisae achieved big sales results with low-budget marketing.  

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"One of our board members said a piece Dave wrote was the best Verisae marketing material he’d seen. We’ve rebranded all the marketing documents he wrote, and they still generate leads.”

—Jerry Dolinsky
CEO, Verisae, Inc.